Vince Young sees himself as a starter, would play for the Texans

Free agent quarterback Vince Young was on KILT in Houston with Mike Meltser and Brad Davies (via to talk about his future as an NFL quarterback.

Young was asked if he still sees himself as a starting quarterback.

“Yeah definitely,” said Young.  “Always want to go in and compete for the starting job and the things that I put myself through to get better and better and to better myself as a quarterback, just waiting on that opportunity to get the chance to do that.”

So far a couple of teams have shown some interest in Young.

“We have a couple of teams with interest right now and I’m just sitting back and waiting and letting my agent, Tom Condon, do his work. Pretty much just waiting till after the draft with the new CBA rule, all the different cap rules and things like that, just looking for the best opportunity for myself, my family and for me to go out and compete for a starting job.”

He was asked if he’d like to play for the Houston Texans.

“I would love to play at home. That would be a dream come true and anything I can do to help out with the team, I just saw Arian Foster the other day and gave him a lot of respect when I saw him and just a lot of history with some of the guys around town anyway that I know from knowing each other a while and always keeping in contact with each other, come to my foundation and charity events and football camps so that would be great. I just let Tom take care of that and let him do his job. All I can do is just stay ready, keep working out and training in Houston and waiting for that opportunity to come.”

If Young is going to ever be a starting quarterback again in the NFL, he’ll have to earn it by working harder then he’s ever worked.


  1. RootinTootin says

    Vince Young would be a tremendous asset for the Texans….playing at home before hometown fans would be a great boost to his self-confidence. He could help take the Texans to the Super Bowl.

  2. Anthony says

    Yes Houston Texans sign Vince Young and you will have TREMENDOUS amount of support from the University of Texas fans. One thing for sure the Mind Boggling Dallas Cowboys don’t sign Longhorns and are losing alot of support from the Longhorn Country!!!!

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