Reggie Bush: “This Team Stinks”

After Sunday’s embarrasing loss to the Denver Broncos,  Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush had some very honest and blunt comments regarding his own team.

 “It’s just embarrassing, I don’t know any other way to explain it,” Bush said. “It’s an embarrassing loss. Had no business losing that game.”

“We were up 15 points with what, five minutes left to go? And we couldn’t win it? It’s disgusting.”

“Right now, this team stinks.”

Bush felt like he and his teammates didn’t have any “fight” left in them with five minutes to go in the game. 

“Just a lot of undiscipline on our part,” Bush said. “Played good – not great – for 55 minutes. Everybody’s got that relaxed attitude. We just didn’t fight towards the end. We didn’t have enough effort for 60 minutes. We had five minutes to win the game and we couldn’t.”

The Dolphins are arguably the worst team in the NFL and right now their head coach Tony Sparano will certainly lose his job.  It’s not a question of if he’ll get fired,  but rather when. 



  1. rich9336 says

    Cheap ass Ross is not going to fire Spanaro until he has to. It will cost him to much money.The dumb ass gave 2 more years last year.

  2. newengfinfan says

    Agree Bush… This team stinks.. Funny thing if there blowing these games just to get Luck. Well good luck because it looks likes the Colts and Seattle are fighting for last place as well to grab that first rounder. But my god this team is a joke. I know Joe Robbie isn’t turning in his grave, because I heard that they saw him carrying his freakin coffin out of Florida. What a disgrace of a team. And Ross calls himself a fan.

  3. says

    How this miserable team continue to playing for the remaining 11 games? Mr. Ross love to play with his money to allow this mediocrecy to continue. After playing a good game, they gave up in the last 3 minutes a sure victory, and it is not the first time. How do you think that a solid QB will like to came and play for this Dolphin team? No way, it is embarrasing. After six consecutive loses, the same excuses and excuses. I totally agree that all the misclues are not Sparano foul, but the reality is that en any organization in terms of leadership, ALL RESPONSABILITY fall under the HEAD. And in the case of the Dolphin team, as the head coach Mr. Sparano, YES it is your full responsability the mediocre performance of this so call team. Why did you bring a new offensive coordinator? How many TDs in 24 QTs? This team cannot even make to the end zone that often to give the chance to compete. How do you fixed receivers dropping passes like candy? Why this team keep targetting Marshall and him dropping too many passes? Why this tean do not diversify more this offense, like utilizing screen passes, boot leg and so on, that clearly had some succes in the game against the Broncos? If you Sparano show no confidence in your offense to run a drive that may give this team at least a field goal under less than 2 minute drive, rather than running the clock and start in the second half? What kind of coach are you? This is not the first time, that you clearly show that you are running this team so scare and insecure. How do you expect your player to develop a killer instinct? There were some improvement on the defense that make even heavy to take this lose to a college kid. The cornerback (21) on the first Tebow TD just give up, having a chance to stopped, and get the ball back since it was a 4 down and goal? How can a Dolphin player drop the ball on a desperate short side kick? You sow how good was the TD from Fassano, and this team keep limiting him? When are you are going to fixe the offensive line to better protect the QB, and allow him to pass. Moore did play very, very good even with the constant chase and pressure. This guy is good, better than many that we had in the past. But he need protection and help from receivers to hold the ball. Is not too late, but changes are needed badly. I believe that under Sparano things will not get any better.

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