NFL may expand to Friday and Monday night playoff games

There has been some chatter in recent weeks about the NFL expanding the playoff bracket and like many changes to tradition there are several more issues that the change would present. One being, the issue of when the games would be played. According to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell one possible solution would be to play games on Friday and Monday nights.

Commissioner Roger Goodell said on NFL Network that an expanded playoff format with six games during the wild card weekend might include three games each on Saturday and Sunday, or it might include a Friday night game and a Monday night game.

“The big discussion would be the first weekend, the wild card weekend of the playoffs, how would you structure that? Three on Saturday, three on Sunday? We’re looking at every alternative, and I think that’s what the membership ultimately is going to have to decide,” Goodell said. “Would you play a game on Friday night, two on Saturday, two on Sunday and another on Monday?”

One thing that is almost certain is that with the money involved in adding two playoff games it will probably happen. That will cause issues one of which being that it may make a team play a playoff game on a short week. However the dominos end up falling there will be a lot of unhappy football purists.

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