NFL Draft Q&A: DE Julius Forte – South Florida

juluis forteI had the pleasure of asking former USF defensive end Julius Forte some questions as he goes through  the NFL Draft process in hopes of achieving his dream of playing professional football.

The 6 foot 2 inch, 253 pound Forte recorded 19 and 3 sacks in his final season in South Florida.

What did you learning during your time college football career that you think will help you in the NFL?

I believe the biggest thing I learned during my college football career is to control what I can with a positive attitude and not to worry about what you can’t control. No matter what the circumstance is or how much adversity you have to prevail over; keep finding enjoyment in what you do and press forward.

What was the highlight of your college career?

The highlight of my collegiate career would have to be the sack/forced fumble I had against Michigan State. This moment stands out above the rest because I felt it was the result of hard work and determination. I was three weeks off of a knee surgery and was not even supposed to play, but I did and was able to make a big play for my team on a large stage.

What are your goals going forward?

My goal going forward is to is to do everything I can to get at least 1% better everyday. There is so much for me to prove along this journey and as long as i stay focused and continue to develop daily, the ultimate goal of being a player on an active NFL roster becomes much more obtainable.
How can you help an NFL team?
I can help a NFL team in multiple ways. My high-spirited personality and being a “3rd down specialist” is where I would have the largest impact.
How can you improve as a football player?
As a football player, knowledge of the game is something the can always be improved upon and breaks out of my drops can be improved.
What is your greatest attribute as a person and as a football player?
My personality. I am a high-spirited person that loves to have fun but also making sure those who are ariund me are enjoying themselves as well. This helps create productive working environments.
How do you plan on preparing for the NFL?
 I plan on preparing for the NFL in three ways:
     1) Mentally: Continuously being a student of the game, being able to analyze, schemes, players, and packages.
     2) Spiritually: The NFL is a highly publicized and demanding industry, to be spiritually at peace helps to stay focus to what is important and move strategically instead of emotionally (especially in the eye of the public).
     3) Physically: Constantly preparing my body with the intent to be bigger, stronger, and faster. Always be the Prototype and not just a “type.”


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