LeSean McCoy says he never thought about holding out

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Now that Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy has received the long-term extension he was looking for–in an interview with the NFL Network (via ProFootballtalk.com), he made it clear that never even thought about holding out for a new contract.

“I just waited it out,” McCoy said. “I was never thinking about holding out, or never thinking, ‘Oh, this deal isn’t going to get done.’ I was confident. I had a lot of trust in Howie, Mr. Lurie and coach Reid. There were plenty of times when I went up to his office and was like, ‘Hey, what’s going on with the deal?’ and for the most part we just talked everything out.”

Players should now know how to deal with the Eagles when it comes to getting a new contract.  They watched wide receiver DeSean Jackson briefly hold out last season and have a poor attitude in 2011 which led to him have a medicore season.  This year, McCoy handled things in a much more classy manner and everything literally paied off a lot quicker.


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