Larry Fitzgerald: Saints players needed to be suspended

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald made a guest appearance on Rich Eisen’s Podcast and claimed that the players involved in the News Orleans Saints bounty scandal aren’t  “bad men,” but they needed to be suspended.

“I think it’s unfortunate … that authority figures in the league implemented such a thing,” said Fitzgerald.

“I think Roger Goodell, our commissioner, had to do something to let everybody know that was not going to be tolerated, and moving forward, this is not something that is going to be acceptable,” Fitzgerald said.

Fitzgerald feels bad for players like Jonathan Vilma and Will Smth who’ll now miss out on game checks because of their suspension’s

“I’ve known Jonathan Vilma for a very long time … Will Smith actually hosted me on my visit to Ohio State in college,” Fitzgerald said. “I’ve known these guys a really long time and they’re not bad men by any stretch of the imagination, so I feel bad that they are losing game checks and losing an opportunity to make a living.”

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