Kurt Warner thinks Gregg Williams deserves a second chance

On the heels of the disclosure of Gregg Williams’ profanity-laced speech in which he urged members of his defense to target specific San Francisco 49ers for injury, some players, most notably Cris Carter, have been calling for a lifetime ban for the disgraced defensive coordinator.

Ironically, Kurt Warner, the former Arizona Cardinals quarterback, who was one the prime targets for Gregg Williams’ brutal machinations, believes the man deserves a second chance.  Warner stated on his Twitter account yesterday evening, “All this talk about Gregg Williams receiving a “LIFETIME” ban from NFL… I disagree, we all deserve a 2nd chance!”  He went on to point out that players who have failed multiple drug tests, coaches who were caught videotaping opposing teams’ signals, and athletes who have served prison time all got second chances from the NFL.

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