Joe Flacco must take on leadership role

Joe Flacco put together one of the best playoff runs a quarterback has ever constructed this past winter. Flacco is now entering the 6th year of his career, and is now expected to take on a leadership role.

You’re the leader now, like it or not,” said Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti to Joe Flacco during Friday night’s Super Bowl XLVII ring celebration.

Flacco has done a lot in his five years in the NFL. He’s been to the playoffs every single year of his career, and last season he finally captured the Lombardi trophy.

Flacco commented on Bisciotti’s message:

“It was pretty cool. Steve is an awesome dude, a great owner and this is a great organization. You can see how special of a night this is and how over-the-top they went for it. I think that just says a lot about him and obviously I’m honored that he would bring me up.”

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