Jim Irsay: “Things have always pointed toward #12″

The NFL draft is almost upon us and it looks like Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay has given us a hint as to where the Colts mindset is at this point, when it comes to who they might take with the first overall pick.

Irsay admitted on Twitter that their sights have always been set on Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck, but they’re open to anything.

Even though Irsay won’t rule out drafting Baylor’s Robert Griffin III, Luck is the front-runner at the moment to be the first pick and that’ll likely not change.


  1. Chris says

    RG3 wouldn’t even go & talk to them, this is kind of abusive writing (don’t you think it is a bit redundant?) , in the sense of there not being much on this writers mind, except the things everybody knows already. & Irsay seems kind of clueless, & out there too. You & Irsay get two thumbs down, on my BOO list!

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