Jim Brown: Trent Richardson is “ordinary”

Former Cleveland Browns great Jim Brown made an appearance on ESPN radio, per ProFootballTalk.com today and said that he doesn’t believe Alabama running back Trent Richardson will make a big impact for the Browns if they end taking him with the 4th overall pick.

“I’m not overwhelmed with it,” said Brown with regards to the idea of taking Richardson. “The problem is that he’s ordinary. I think he’s ordinary.”

Browns doesn’t believe there are really any impact running backs left in the modern-day NFL.

“When I watch football today I see a game of quarterbacks,” Brown said. “Protecting quarterbacks, throwing the ball, short passes, long passes, all kinds of passes.”

I believe Richardson will be a good player at the next level, but I agree with Brown, I don’t understand why the Browns would take a running back with the 4th pick, when the NFL is clearly a passing league now.  Instead they need to draft a receiver that can provide some help for Colt McCoy.