Jerry Reese doesn’t take Osi Umenyiora’s comments personal

In an interview with ESPN Radio in New York via the New York Daily News, Giants general manager made it clear that he doesn’t take Osi Umenyiora’s critisicm of him personnel.  He dismissed Osi’s comments by saying that it’s just  “offseason chatter”.

“I don’t carry grudges,” Reese insisted. “That’s the offseason. That’s part of the job. In the offseason there’s always some controversies about contracts. It’s never personal. I don’t think it’s personal with respect to players. It’s definitely not personal with respect to me. It’s just part of the business.”

It may not be personal to Reese, but Umenyiora is clearly fuming for the second straight offseason after insisting that Reese never made him a real contract offer and claimed that he’s making him look like a “greedy pig.”

Despite Umenyiora’s strong words, Reese remains hopeful that something can be worked out.

“The New York Giants, we’re a better football team with Osi Umenyiora on our team,” Reese said. “We respect him as a football player. So our goal is to have Osi play football for the New York Giants and retire as a Giant. That’s what we’d like to do first.

“But all of our options are open like I said before.”

When Reese says all options are open, I believe he’s willing to trade Umenyiora, but I don’t believe there are any teams that are willing to give up the compensation the Giants are looking for.

I wouldn’t  be surprised if for the second straight season Umenyiora holds out.  Once again it won’t distract or have a negative affect on the Giants locker room.

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