Jeff Reed still cherishes his Super Bowl victories

Former Pittsburgh Steelers placekicker Jeff Reed still revels his Super Bowl winning days.

“There’s 40-plus Super Bowl rings, ever, and I have two of them – and I was a soccer player,” Reed said. “I never even thought I’d play football. I just started my senior year in high school. My true love was soccer, and it still is, but I realized that I had the gift to kick a football.”

Reed won Super Bowls 40 and 43 while a part of the Steelers.

Reed recalls the excitement surrounding the event that is the Super Bowl:

“Leading up to it, though, you have to have credentials even to get in your own room when you’re part of the team. You and your roommate share a car, depending on the sponsor. There’s a million parties, but the guys actually playing in the Super Bowl have a lot of curfews so you don’t experience too many of the parties. You’re kind of treated like a god for about a week straight. You realize where you are and how big of a showcase it is.”

Reed, also could be a bit overprotective of his championship rings.

“Like I told Jon, I had my ring in my carry-on luggage and I was afraid to sleep because it was five rows ahead of me. You’re talking about a $40,000 ring. If somebody would have happened to just touch my bag, I would have punched them in the face. I don’t care what they’re going after.

Jeff Reed last played in a NFL regular season game in 2010. Reed was last on a NFL team in 2011.

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