Jake Ballard’s 2012 season is in doubt

New York Giants tight end Jake Ballard knew something wasn’t right with his knee after injuring it in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLVI, but he was still determined to try to play.

“I definitely felt it rip and heard it pop,” said Ballard per NorthJersey.com. “I felt like I ripped everything and broke everything.

“But it was the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl. I wasn’t not going to try to get back out there.”

The Giants medical staff thought he just tore his meniscus and allowed him to test it out on the sideline, which may have caused some cartilage damage.

“My knee just collapsed,” Ballard said Monday night in a phone interview, a week before the Giants begin OTAs. “I definitely tore [my ACL] on the field. I’d say [the cartilage damage] probably happened on the sideline from trying to run with no ACL.

“But I don’t regret trying to get back in the game. It’s the biggest game in any football player’s career.”

Ballard underwent microfracture surgery on his knee in February to repair his ACL.

Ballard will now face a roughly eight to nine month recovery period to rehab his ACL and probably another six weeks because of the microfracture surgery.

Right now, it looks like Ballard may have to just sit out this coming season and try to rebound in 2013.

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