Banner, Lombardi wanted to trade Josh Gordon, others in Browns organization didn’t want to

josh gordon 2Former Browns Browns CEO Joe Banner told Mary Kay Cabot of,  that Mike Lombardi and himself wanted to trade Josh Gordon last year,  but other people within the organization didn’t want to make the move.

Banner and Lombardi also wanted to trade star receiver Josh Gordon because of multiple failed drug tests, but some in the organization, including then coach Rob Chudzinski, felt the Browns had a strong enough support system to keep him on the straight and narrow. When the Browns’ highest offer was a second-round pick and players, they opted not to make the move, and Gordon responded by finishing No. 1 in the NFL with 1,646 yards before reportedly failing another drug test this season.

Now of course Gordon will likely be suspended for an entire year and the Browns won’t have a number one receiver going into the 2014 season, when they could have gotten a second round pick and some players for him.


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