Andre Johnson’s return is unknown

Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson is still recovering from surgery on his hamstring that was performed back in week four.

Johnson was on Sports Radio 610 in Houston and mentioned that he’s ahead of the typical rehabilitation schedule for his injury.

“I’m headed in the right direction,” Johnson said. “I just want it to heal faster. Right now it’s still weak; it’s not as strong as it use to be.” “They say it could take up to six weeks at the most,” Johnson said. ”But I don’t think it will take me that long.”

Since Johnson’s recovery can take up to six weeks,  if my math is correct,  Johnson might be out for another four weeks since he’s already missed two weeks of action.

Even though Johnson believes he’s ahead of schedule,   his leg isn’t going to get stronger over night.  Right now it still seems like he’s not sure when he’ll be back on the field.