Alex Smith not holding any grudges against the 49ers

Former No. 1 overall QB Alex Smith could hold some serious resentment for the organization that drafted him. At multiple times throughout his career the team flirted with replacing him. However in an interview with the Sacramento Bee through NBCSports, Smith revealed that he doesn’t feel any ill-will towards the 49ers. He is simply looking towards his future with the Chiefs, and he is even learning from the QB that did end up replacing him. The Chiefs hired Colin Kaepernick’s former head coach at Nevada, Chris Ault as an offensive consultant.

“Yeah, we talk about Kap, for sure. We watch spread option stuff of Kap, or RGIII a lot. Some Nevada film for sure.”- Alex Smith, Sacramento Bee through NBCSports and ProFootballTalk August 15

All in all Alex understands that it is a business and looking in to the past won’t get him anywhere. Although I’m sure he is feeling some resentment on some level he is looking forward and that is the best thing for his career and for the Chiefs.