Ziggie Hood’s days in Pittsburgh could be over

Scott Brown of ESPN.com doesn’t believe Ziggy Hood has a good chance at re-signing with the Steelers this offseason.

The Steelers appear willing to let the market set Hood’s price as well, and he may be attractive to teams that play 4-3 defenses and need help up front. Hood played nose tackle in a 4-3 defense in college. He did not line up directly over the center, which may be the best position for him. Hood, who just turned 27, could command $3 million a year on the open market. If that is the case the Steelers won’t bid on the player who could not establish himself as a long-term starter in Pittsburgh.

It feels like the Steelers just drafted Hood a few years ago.  It’s a shame if they lose him.

  • Anonymous

    Let him go, tired of seeing the so called strongest Steeler getting pushed 10 yards back.