Woody Johnson could push for Tim Tebow to start

Right after the New York Jets traded for quarterback Tim Tebow this past offseason, owner Woody Johnson was adamant that Mark Sanchez is their starting quarterback going forward.

“I’m going to be very clear: Mark Sanchez is our starting quarterback. Period,” Johnson said at the time, per ESPNNewYork.com1. “That’s it. He’s our starting quarterback.”

During Johnson’s interview with Bloomberg TV the other day, he didn’t sound very confident in Sanchez.

“Johnson said the prospect of Tebow starting is ‘a question that will be asked more frequently if this progresses because this is unacceptable playing.’ His first reference to Sanchez wasn’t by name; he called him ‘this quarterback.’

“Oh, Johnson gave the obligatory ‘he can get the job done’ line, but Johnson didn’t sound nearly as confident in Sanchez as he did that sunny day in March, when the Grand Tebow Plan was only a blueprint, not reality,” wrote ESPNNewYork.com.

It looks like if things don’t improve and Jets head coach Rex Ryan isn’t willing to bench Sanchez, Johnson may intervene and make the move himself.