Woman in Colin Kaepernick incident wouldn’t leave hotel room, called herself “Jesus”

colin kaepernickMiami police had finally released the two 911 calls from the woman involved in the Colin Kaepernick incident down in Florida.

The woman refused to leave the hotel room and called herself “Jesus.”  Sounds like someone was on something.

One of the calls was from hotel security and the other was from Seahawks receiver Ricardo Lockette.

The first call, which was from security went as follows:

“She said her name was Jesus, and she don’t have no clothes on.” He said the woman was screaming and crying. All of the names and phone numbers mentioned in the calls are redacted. Together they last a little more than three minutes.

Lockette’s call went as follows:

The other caller, believed to be Lockette, also called and in calm voice said that “there’s a young lady in my friend’s bed” and that she refused to leave until he returns. Asked if the woman is the friend’s boyfriend, the caller said, “No, no, no. He’s not her boyfriend. He’s just someone she wants to sleep with. … She says she’s going to stay there until he gets back.”

Kaepernick was not believed to be in the room when the 911 calls were made.

A source with knowledge of the incident said Kaepernick was at the hotel suite when the 25-year-old, unidentified woman arrived earlier in the evening but left shortly thereafter when she began acting oddly.

Police are waiting for the Viceroy Hotel to turn over additional surveillance tape to see if they can determine whether Kaepernick had been in the suite earlier with two other players and, if so, what time he left.