Woman claiming to be Mike Vick’s mistress wants you to help her publish her tell-all book

According to Black Sports Online, woman named Bella Escrito, who claims to have been the mistress of Eagles quarterback Michael Vick is trying to release a tell-all book.  The only catch is that she wants you to help her get it published.

The non fiction novel will be about an NFL player who currently still plays as a starting Quarterback. After having a 10 year relationship with him, Bella now feels the need to move on with her own life. The one thing holding her back are all of the many secrets she kept inside for this man. Telling his secrets to Bella was his way of a release in order to move on with his own life. Need funds to cut out the middle man and self publish the novel. The novel will include personal documents such as love letters, photographs, text messages.

Michael Vick Mistress

The story is a personal account of the author’s true life experiences and relationship with a loved and hated NFL Quarterback. The secrets are personal and revealing them to the public will be a major step that will include a moral compass for the writer. All of the content is owned by the writer and therefore will not be a problem legally. The media will more than likely have a field day with this novel once it is written and the secrets of this Quarterback are made public knowledge.

When she wasnt getting enough support, she came out and said it was Vick, according to BSO.

I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t cost more than a few thousand dollars to publish a book, not $22K.  Anyway, I thought this was amusing.