Witness links Aaron Hernandez to double murders

aaron hernandez 2

According to FOX Boston,  a witness that survived the drive by shooting from the 2012 double murder in Boston believes that former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was the trigger man.

The explosive allegation is the first time the public has heard from an eyewitness to the July 2012 South End shooting. FOX 25 was the first to report that investigators were eyeing Hernandez as a possible suspect in the crime.

The man, who asked that he not be identified for fear of his own safety, says he is haunted by not knowing why the gunman opened fire on his friend’s car

“They just came up and started firing for no reason at all,” he told FOX Undercover reporter Mike Beaudet.

The witness says he doesn’t watch football, recognized Hernandez’s face after he was arrested for the murder of Odin Lloyd.

“When I see his face, I just recognize his face. Compare his face that night to his face now. It’s that face that I remember,” he said.

He would love to know why he killed two of his friends.

“I just want to know, what’s the reason? What’s the point? Why us?” he asked.