Win a copy of Madden 2013 by telling us who should be this year’s NFL rookie of the year

This season might be the closest NFL rookie of the year race in a very long time.  I can’t remember the last time there were this many players that deserved the award.

We’re going to make a case for each of the top candidates below, but we wanted to ask the followers of Pro Football Zone to voice their opinion on who should win the award.  So who should be this year’s NFL rookie of the year, and why?

Join the discussion leave your opinion, insight and analysis. Spark a debate, defend your choice for ROTY or call someone else’s choice out! **All you have to do is contribute before 12 pm PST on the 28th of December and a top contributor will be picked by me to receive a brand new copy of Madden 2013!** How’s that for a great post-Christmas present!


So jump in and add your thoughts: There’s no limit to how many replies you can make!

  • Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III – Griffin’s completion percentage and touchdown to interception ratio ( 66.4%, 120 touchdowns & 5 interceptions) are very impressive.  He’s done a great job protecting the football and putting his team in a position to win games.  Like most mobile quarterbacks, Griffin has not only made a difference in the passing game, but also as runner and he’ll likely rack up just under 1,000 yards rushing this season.  I really doubt the Redskins would be on a six game winning streak if it wasn’t for Griffin who’s breathed life into Washington D.C. and their beloved football team.
  • Colts quarterback Andrew Luck – No one thought the Colts would be a playoff team before this season started.  Not after releasing Peyton Manning this past offseason and going forward with rookie quarterback Andrew Luck. But Luck has been able to carry the Colts to a playoff berth in his first season.  Luck has passed for a rookie record 4,183 yards and 21 touchdowns and 18 interceptions.  Like the griffin and the Redskins, if it wasn’t for Luck, the Colts might be a five-win team.
  • Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson – Wilson was drafted in the third round of last year’s draft and came in as a rookie and beat out Matt Flyyn for the Seahawks’ starting quarterback job.  It’s been amazing how Wilson has only gotten better as the season has gone along and continues to do a great job protecting the football and putting his team in a position to win.  Now the Seahawks are headed to the playoffs and are eyeing a deep playoff run.  Wilson’s stats are also remarkable for being drafted in the third round.  He’s put up 2,868 yards,  25 touchdowns and 10 interceptions.

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  • getsmartt (@getsmartt)

    A lot is going to depend on who makes, and how far they progress in, the playoffs. But I honestly feel that Wilson’s performance should get him the ROY. No one expected him to get the starting job, much less be as good as he has been.

  • Donnie Hatcher, Jr.

    RG3 brings excitement to the game. I would put Luck up there to but wait one more year. Because, the team rallied around the coach too.

  • Curtis Lu (@curtislu)

    I vote Wilson simply because I’m a Seahawks fan and that he has had more to prove since he was a 3rd round selection and wasn’t even the projected starter. His leadership is the wildcard trumps the numbers which are competitive between all 3.