Willie McGinest: If we cheated “it would have been a blow out”

Former New England Patriots linebacker Willie McGinest responded to former Rams running back Marshall Faulk who claims that he’ll never get over being cheated out of a Super Bowl XXXVI because of Spygate.

McGinest says if they really cheated, the game would have been a blow out.

“If . . . we had any extra information, then that game wouldn’t have been as dramatic as it was, coming down to a field goal,” the former Patriots defensive lineman said Wednesday on ‘Felger & Mazz’ in response to questions about Faulk’s continued complaints about being “cheated” out of a Super Bowl victory. “Trust me. It would have been a blowout.”

You have to love how strong McGinest fired back at Faulk.  No one truly knows how much Spygate helped the Patriots in that Super Bowl.  Faulk got his ring the year before, time to get over it.  I’d feel bad for him if he never won a Super Bowl.



  1. sly says

    According to the book, “spygate” they cheated big time. What do expect McGinnest to say. They were fined and lost draft choices and then the commissioner burned the evidence. Why did Godell Burn the tapes? Is Bountygate more serious than the integrity of the game?

  2. says

    They burned the tapes because they would have had to change a game result. And they are never going to do that!…look at the replacement ref situation. It happened in front of the world! (greenbay got cheated)…so what did the commisioner do? Got the real refs back instantly instead of changing the game. Willie knows they cheated..he answered the Q like a cheater would….I’m from Roxbury…so i was trying to defend the Pats in the beginning…but after the 500,000 fine to BB and the team…(750,000 total)…..

  3. dbmurat says

    Being a Rams fan I was bitter over that Super Bowl. The fact is, had Martz put the ball in Faulk’s hands more, especially towards the end of the game, the Rams would have won, cheating or not.

  4. says

    I think Gil22 is referring to the fact they haven’t won since they got caught. This didn’t come out until 2007, the quest for the perfect season and we saw how that ended in the Super Bowl for New England. Unless they have inside information they can’t win.

  5. mike says

    spygate is overrated. people just want a reason to hate the patriots because they are a consistant football. spygate wasnt much. all spygate was was a couple of films of old games in 1999 and 2000 and 1 in 2001. nothing in 2002…2003,…and so forth. im not satying that what the patriots did was right. they broke the rules. but to say a couple films are going to win you mulitple superbowls is a bunch of crap. patriots won because they were the better team. and u cant sit there and say patriots were the only team to “spygate” im sure alot more teams have done it. look at denver and new orleans. more teams will leak out as ppl snitch em out.

  6. voice of reason says

    Marshall Faulk is a has been and lost to the Patriots fair and square. Like McGinest said if the Pats cheated they would have blown the Rams out.

  7. mike says

    btw……u guys keep saying “pats havent won since then…..since this long”…alot of teams havent won a superbowl in much longer time frame. look at the 49ers….they are going to their first superbowl since steve young in 95…..thats almost 18years ago…but noone talks about that. what abou cowboys? 17yrs ago….raiders?eagles?baltimore?cleveland? shall i continute? even AFTER this petty spygate…patriots have still been a yop contender regardless to wether they won a sb since or not….then still been to 2 more superbowl and have always been in the playoffs. and its clears that the expectations for new england to go to the superbowl is pretty high year after years becuase people keep saying” patriots havent won a superbowl since 2005. shoot…thats still better then just about every other team. so before you say how long it has been since they won it….look at other teams…no ones talking about them. :) GO PATRIOTS

  8. Anonymous says

    Hey Gil22, you might want to look at the record book before opening your stupid pie hole, LOL, your an idiot

  9. Anonymous says

    U don’t get that big of a penalty for something minor.burning tapes come on if I’m burning tapes I’m hiding something I don’t want anyone to find out about..If it happened to the pats it would be Willie crying foul..

  10. BroadwayJ says

    If you’ve EVER played football then you know that you watch film on EVERY team you play week to week. You watch film to study formations, tendences & all.If I’m on offense & see the defense lined up in a formation that can Stop our play then I the QB job is to audible the same goes for MLB looking at an offensive set. People say the Pats cheated & my question is HOW?? once again you watch film daily to find out what your opponent like to run on every down

  11. Anonymous says

    Pats tried to gain a advantage and must of felt like they needed to do it or they wouldn’t of done it.Pats fans answer this why do it and risk being caught if u were the better team! Coaching staff must not been as confident as most of u guys r lol.

  12. Anonymous says

    Do you HONESTLY think the Pats are the ONLY team in the NFL that has film on other teams.. No!! You get film on every team you play against. The objective week to week is to watch film so that it can HELP you pick a part your opposition

  13. Anonymous says

    No kidding but they were not watching game tape they were watching practice tape of a team that was putting in a gameplan against them.cheating all I’m saying..game plans change by week genius..my points r valid

  14. Anonymous says

    maybe not but they are bthe only ones who got caught, just like New Orleans with their bounties, every team did that as well, they just got caught and when you get caught you have to deal with the fall out. So deal with it Saints and patriot’s fans

  15. Anonymous says

    most of the actual cheating the Patsies did was during the game when they basically hogtied the Rams wr’s all day long–and right in front of the ref’s eyes!!! Funny how that became a rule change shortly after that super bowl… Didn’t matter anyway, that was right after 911, and there was no way the league was going to let a red, white and blue team called the ‘patriots’ lose that game… I’d be mad too if I were the great Marshall Faulk…

  16. Anonymous says

    Some of you are correct with your comments about watching PREVIOUS game film. What the Pats did that was illegal was they FILMED practice. They had audibles for plays that the Rams had not run all year. If you go back and watch the game, you can hear the Pats calling what play the Rams were about to run. How do you know what they are about to run, if they have never ran that play in a game before? You cheat. Pats are an amazing story, but their three Super Bowls and any game until Bill Belichick is gone from the league will always be tainted.

  17. Anonymous says

    The Pats have always gotten away with new rules. The tuck rule came about because of Brady. The hitting below the knee came about because of Brady. The NFL Commissioner should be ashamed that he has made so many rules and burned evidence for one team and player.

  18. goatsee says

    They recorded the opposing teams “walk-throughs”, which is basically their game plan. Just because other teams have also done it does not make it right. They cheated. Simple as that. The half a million dollar fine was proof enough.

  19. Anonymous says

    They got ratted-out by a former coach that was tired of getting his butt kicked twice a year. I do be Jimmy Johnson said something to the effect of – all of us have filmed….

  20. Anonymous says

    Dumb. IN the two losses to the Giants, Brady left the field with the Pats leading. An easy missed Assante Samuel interception gave NY a chance to pull it out. Put it this way, how come the Pats have made it to the SB three times in the last five years if they are not cheating? Seems to me like some folks will use anything as an excuse for their team’s failure to win. If teams exchange game tapes all the time, how can you say someone cheated? They all look at the same films.

  21. Anonymous says

    BTW, a guy can sit in the stands at practice with a pad and pencil and diagram every single formation a team uses and that is perfectly legal. So what?

  22. Anonymous says


  23. Pats fan says

    I hate the NY Giants.. A lucky throw and an even lucker catch was the difference in the first SB loss to the G-Men.

  24. Anonymous says

    Wrong because both of those games were part of the spygate scandal…So Gil is correct, they have NOT won another since..

  25. Brad says

    We are not talking about regular game film that all teams see during the regular season. This is the Super Bowl! It’s against the rules of the NFL to do what the Pats did, period. And as for Mcginest’s comments about blowing out the Rams if they cheated-they did cheat and still only won the game on a last second field goal. What would have happened if they did not cheat? The Rams would have blown them out!

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