Will Vince Young ever be relevant again?


Last year during the Week 11 of the NFL season, the New York Giants hosted the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night football. To the average Giants fan, the game should have winnable due to the fact Michael Vick, star Eagles quarterback was injured, however, as many people that night I watched Vince Young, the Eagles backup quarterback pick apart the Giants defense and lead the Eagles to a victory. The funny thing was, no one expected Vince Young to play like that but everyone is aware of his ability.

Young was recently cut by the Buffalo Bills as he continues to fail to resurrect his career. Many wonder though about his psyche, ability to grasp a playbook and the opportunities he has left. Young is 29 years-old dual threat quarterback with a career 31-19 record. He has proven in the past that he can lead a team to victory along as he keeps his emotions in check. Emotional stability is an important factor in the NFL right now as many teams tend to gauge the investment they make in player on whether he can be a leader on and off the field. Nevertheless, Young is a former Rose Bowl MVP and 2006 NFL Offensive rookie of the year, his attributes alone can be a valuable asset to any team. Furthermore, he is only entering his 6th season which categorizes him as “young veteran” so in order to be relevant again Vince Young is going to have to use the skills he has let and land in the right situation. There are many other teams with quarterback situations which could benefit from Vince Young’s ability such as Miami, Cleveland, Arizona or the New York Jets. Nonetheless, in today’s NFL any hint of instability could be a big expense and waste of investment.

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