Will Michael Vick want out if Nick Foles wins starting job?

michael vick

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick is scheduled to make $3.5 million this season no matter what and is already collected a $3.5 million signing bonus earlier this offseason.

The question that ProFootballTalk.com asked is whether Vick will want to be traded or released if he loses the starting job to Nick Foles or even Matt Barkley during the preseason?  Another question is whether head coach Chip Kelly will want to keep Vick as a back up.

Kelly may want to keep Vick as the backup to Foles, even though Vick will be making a base salary of $3.5 million, seven times more than Foles’ second-year salary of $500,000.  But if Vick is going to be a backup, he may want to go to a team where he thinks he has a better chance of playing.

Moreover, the indignity of getting benched when Vick has declared it’s still “my team” and “my job” could be enough to prompt Vick to want to move on.

If Vick wants out, his contract is more conducive to a trade than the reports of one-year “up to $10 million” would suggest.  For starters, the Eagles already have paid him a $3.5 million signing bonus.  And the base salary of $3.5 million isn’t out of line, given the contracts paid to other veteran backups.

Vick can earn another $500,000 via 16 per-game roster onuses worth $31,250 each.  He also has $2.5 million available in incentives based on playing time.

By the time Vick will find out if he’s the Eagles starter, other teams around the league will have an idea where their quarterback situation stands.  If he does lose the job, a few teams might want to pull the trigger in an attempt to acquire Vick.