Why the Peyton Manning Slander?

Why The Manning Slander?

All things considered, I haven’t been a Peyton Manning fan until this season. To be more accurate I have always been a Peyton Manning hater. I thought he has had great defenses and great wide receivers his whole career. The offensive lines haven’t been too shabby either. I never understood the praise he received in the media as the second coming of Dan Marino. He always choked in the big game!

This season I am a fan.

I am confused by all the Peyton Manning slander. With the exception of the first quarter debacle against The Falcons, Peyton has played fantastic. With supposed ‘diminished arm strength’ he has only thrown 3 interceptions this season, all of them coming in that terrible quarter against the falcons.  He is completing 66% of his passes (higher than his career percentage) and is only a yard shy of 1500 yards for the season. That’s an average of 300 yards passing a game. He has thrown 11 touchdown passes. Manning is on pace for right about 4800 yards this season, more than he has ever thrown for before.

The Broncos record isn’t pretty…but it isn’t Peyton’s fault. The defense needs to step up and they need to run the ball better.


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