Where will Alex Smith play next year?

San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh named Colin Kaepernick the starter for the third week in a row. It looks as if he will continue as the full-time starter unless he is injured or takes a step back in his production. What will they do with Alex Smith?

The trade deadline has passed and he is still a very valuable back up for this season. Kaepernick is a mobile and running QB; he has a higher likelihood of getting injured than most pocket quarterbacks. This is also his second year in the league and has only started two games; he could certainly regress. Alex won’t be cut or traded until after this season.

After this season though, Alex will want an opportunity to start elsewhere and the Niners will not want to be paying their backup quarterback around $7 million. They may try to trade him or will be forced to release him to avoid paying his salary and large roster bonus. Where could he go?


This is the best fit in my mind. The Jets strive to be like the Niners. Solid defense. Ground and pound. Efficient passing. Mark Sanchez isn’t getting it done for them and Tim Tebow is just a distraction. Alex could slide in perfectly and be very efficient for the Jets. They have better receiving options than Smith dealt to last year. A lot may depend on who is their head coach and GM going into the off-season.


Minnesota continues to be high on Ponder, but I’m not sold. After a great start to the season he has fizzled considerably. With Adrian Peterson on the roster and a solid defense, the Vikings are a quarterback away from contention. Alex flourishes under Harbaugh because the passing game isn’t the focal point of the offense. This would continue to be true in Minnesota.

Arizona Coach

Whisenhunt may not be around next year, as well as all of the terrible quarterbacks on their roster. Alex could step in well in Arizona (though they need to do something about that offensive line). He already knows the division which could be viewed as a plus.

Where do you think he will go?

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