What we learned about the Steelers in Week 1

Le’Veon Bell better be good:

The Steelers running game does not exist. It was an absolutely pitiful effort as a whole for the Steelers running backs. Pittsburgh ended the game with just 32 rushing yards. The longest run went for 8 yards. LaRod Stephens-Howling led the team with 19 rushing yards. If Le’Veon Bell isn’t an upgrade, this team could very well be the worst running team in the league.

The Steelers picked up right where they left of in 2012:

The defense did not force any turnovers, and the offense turned the ball over twice. That sounds exactly like the 2012 Steelers. The Steelers were penalized 4 times; one was a pass inference that cost them 23 yards. This needs to change, otherwise, the Steelers are headed for another 8-8 year.

The offense was just as pitiful as they were in the preseason:

The offensive line can’t protect Ben, plain and simple. Roethlisberger was sacked 5 times against the Titans. Roethlisberger couldn’t get anything going; he didn’t complete many passes that traveled over 10 yards. The Titans’ secondary was exceptionally good; you have to give the Titans’ corners an A+ in this game.

The defense played well, but must make more plays:

The offense let the defense down. The defense only gave up 16 points; you can attribute some of those points to the offense and special teams making mistakes to set the Titans up in good field position. This loss can not be put on the defense, not at all.

Troy Polamalu looks good:

Polamalu was flying around the football field today much like he did a couple of years ago. Polamalu recorded a sack and one tackle for a loss. It’ll be interesting if we continue to see Polamalu make plays.

The special teams was far from special:

The Steelers had two special teams penalties. Zoltan Mesko was inconsistent in this game, and had two poor punts towards the end of the game. As I said before: Mesko isn’t anything different from Drew Butler. The kick and punt coverage was also very lackluster.


  1. bob says

    totally agre.. To fix it time to get new coach’s this is not steeler’s football Please front office clean house now.

  2. says

    I have said it a hundred times “dump haley now” the defense is pretty good. But even with a 2 time superbowl winning QB in his prime well do i have to go on and on!!! Problem is this may take time to fix it’s a huge problem that has gone unchecked for over a year now.

  3. stlcrtn67 says

    not the coaches out there executing the damn plays. Remember Haley damn near beat the steelers in the superbowl

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