What we learned about the Steelers in their first preseason game

First string offensive line is looking good:

Right guard David DeCastro was fantastic against the Giants. He looked good in just about every single play. DeCastro was just about flawless in run blocking. Marcus Gilbert was a little rocky, but he was overall steady. Mike Adams is looking comfortable at left tackle. I also saw Pouncey and Foster make some key blocks on run plays. The Steelers are looking good in the zone blocking scheme.

They are who we thought they were:

The offensive line depth is tremendously horrid for the Steelers. Another injury riddled year for this line will be tragic. Once the starting offensive line came out of the game, the running game shot to hell. The Steelers’ starters have to stay healthy.

Nobody really pulled ahead in the race for the No.5 WR spot:

Derek Moye and Justin Brown both contributed, but didn’t make any splash plays. David Gilreath muffed a punt, which really hurts his chances. J.D. Woods also made a couple of nice grabs. The race for this spot may be more wide open than we previously thought.

LaRod Stephens-Howling is going to be a good addition to the offense:

Stephens-Howling rushed for 40 yards on 7 carries in the opening preseason matchup. Stephens-Howling displayed good vision and shiftiness. He also had a couple of nice cuts. He’s going to make some plays for the Steelers this season.

Jarvis Jones is quick:

Jarvis Jones can beat a tackle in about a blink of an eye. Jones came away with two QB hurries against New York. Jones, also recovered a fumble. I still think Jason Worilds will be the starter at ROLB, but Jones can make a difference in situational pass rushing.

Bruce Gradkowski is the team’s No. 2 QB and Landry Jones should be last on the depth chart:

Gradkowski was pretty good in his short time on the field. He went 6-11 for 35 yards of passing. John Parker Wilson was also pretty sharp; too bad the line in front of him was so horrible. Landry Jones is currently the 4th best QB on this team, but we have a lot of time before the regular season rolls around.


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    The starting line was average overall which is an improvement. Jones showed some hustle but was beaten to the outside a number of times and it’s clear his lack of footspeed is evident [we will miss Harrison]. My biggest fear for this team remains can they score points/TDS . And the special teams play was horrible.Stephen Howlings and DeCastro were great Woods played very well unfortunately no one else really stood out.

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