What was Ken Whisenhunt thinking?

Seriously, what was Ken Whisenhunt thinking?

The Arizona Cardinals beat the New England Patriots on Sunday. The Patriots had a chance to kick a go ahead field goal as time expired but they missed it. Depending on who you ask, the hold was questionable. That bad hold saved The Cardinals head coach a lot of question answering.

The Cardinals were in complete control of the game. There was about eighty seconds left in the game, they had the ball and The Patriots had no time outs left. It was third down, a very long third down. All The Cardinals needed to do was run a play that left the clock running as long as it could until they punted the ball back to the Patriots. The Patriots would have gotten the ball back with less than thirty seconds remaining.

Why didn’t The Cardinals knee the ball?

Instead, they ran a running play that resulted in a fumble and The Patriots recovered it. The Patriots worked the ball down closer and went to kick a field goal with six seconds remaining. Gostkowski missed it.

That missed field goal saved Whisenhunt from a lot of awkward questions!

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