What the Jaguars should do with Maurice Jones-Drew


This is a mess. Maurice Jones-Drew wants a new contract from the Jacksonville Jaguars. Their brand new owner Shad Khan doesn’t want to give him a new contract. MJD has stayed away from training camp and the organization until he gets a new deal. I don’t want to get in to what is right and wrong. I can see both sides of the argument.

I’m more interested in what to do about the situation. Reports are surfacing that say he will miss regular season time. Brand new (see the common trend there) head coach Mike Mularkey has already stated that even if he does return to the team, he is no longer the starting running back. New ownership and coaching is taking a hard line stance. Jones-Drew feels after leading the league in rushing he should be one of the highest paid backs. Like I said, it’s a mess.

So what should they do? Trade him!

They aren’t going to compete for a division title this year or next. They aren’t selling out the stadium on a regular basis. There are plenty of teams that think they are a good running game away from contention. It makes complete sense for both teams that would be involved. What team though? In my mind, only two real options exist.

San Diego Chargers

This one makes the most sense but might be tough salary cap wise. Norv Turner and AJ Smith are fighting for their jobs this season. If they don’t make the playoffs it looks like they are both finished. What did they do in the offseason? They got worse. They lost their best wide receiver. Now their supposedly great running back, Ryan Matthews, broke his clavicle and will miss some regular season time. The chargers should trade Matthews and a 2nd round pick for MJD and have a shot at the playoffs and keeping their head coach and GM.

Atlanta Falcons

This one wouldn’t be that tough on the salary cap and could set the Falcons up for a Superbowl run. The Falcons are already a strong playoff team. They just improved their defense and the receiving tandem of Roddy White and Julio Jones is deadly. Imagine if Matt Ryan was handing off to MJD instead of Michael Turner. Trade Turner and a 2nd round pick for Jones-Drew and the falcons have the best offense in the league.

The longer this whole situation drags on, the worse it becomes for all parties involved. The Jaguars will get the most trade value if they trade him now. Right now. Jones-Drew is best suited to have a week or two to learn a new offense before the regular season begins. The Jaguars should trade him as quickly as possible.

Side note – fantasy football players EVERYWHERE are in full agreement that this needs to be resolved and fast!

Do you see any other potential teams that would trade for him? Sound off in the comments below!

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