Wes Welker likely won’t get a long-term deal from the Patriots

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Jason LaCanfora of CBSSports.com doesn’t believe the New England Patriots will end up giving wide receiver Wes Welker the long-term extension that he’s been looking for.

“I don’t sense any real motivation to get this extended,” wrote La Canfora.  “The Patriots seem perfectly fine with the talented, but older, receiver playing out the tag. While Welker, clearly, would like a little more money and security from a longer deal, I don’t see it happening now after all this time. He loves being a Patriot and playing with Tom Brady, and the sides could always work out a new deal down the line, and in the meantime he gets roughly $10 million.”

“Sources with knowledge of this negotiation have believed for months that Welker would end up playing 2012 on the tag and that became even more clear when he signed it and joined offseason work a while back. It would take a fairly drastic turn of events to get off that track now.”

I agree with La Canfora, I don’t see the Patriots locking up Welker to a long-term deal.  He’s not getting any younger and he just suffered a torn ACL just a couple of years ago.  At this point his skills will only start to diminish.