The Washington Post asks Dan Snyder to change the Redskins name

daniel snyder

The Washington Post is urging Redskins owner Daniel Snyder to change the name of his football team.

The Post brings up the point that the controversy will never go away and only get worse if Snyder doesn’t change the name of his franchise.

If that’s the case, Mr. Snyder should be prepared for the controversy never to end. The clamor for change only grows with time. In addition to the letter from the aforementioned members of the Congressional Native American Caucus urging a change, some noted sportswriters — Sports Illustrated’s Peter King and USA Today’s Christine Brennan — have announced they will no longer use the name. Members of the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin plan a protest at Sunday’s game with the Green Bay Packers.

We understand that changing the name is not a trifling matter. There is a cost (estimated by some to be as high as $20 million), but surely the owner of the NFL’s third-most valuable franchise can afford it. There is a recognition of the importance of tradition to many fans who mean absolutely no offense.

Perhaps there is even a fear that fans will desert or turn against the team if it changes its name. We think that underestimates Washington fans and their deep feelings for this team. We urge Mr. Snyder to have more faith than that in his fan base and to listen more carefully to those who love the team and hate the ethnic slur.

Snyder doesn’t need to worry about losing fans if changes his team’s name.  The Redskins have one of the strongest fan-bases in the NFL.



  1. says

    Mr. Snider tell the Washington Post to “GO POUND SAND.” I don’t care if it’s offensive to somebody. Stand your ground.
    Maybe, you could tell the Washington Post that POST is offensive because Jesus was killed on a couple posts put together forming the cross therefore post is offensive.
    Give ’em hell Daniel

  2. says

    The name will always be “Washington Redskins”,why do everything be about politics.Perhaps Snyder can have a meeting with the Indians who do care about us using the name :Redskins”.I am sure that Snyder and the Indians can come up with a resolution that will work out for us all.I have an idea that may work for us all,but who’s gonna listen to me.

  3. rocky says

    EXACTLY. I will drop them if they change their name.
    I don’t understand how this name or logo can be offensive when it’s meant to show strength and honor.

    I’ll root for Dallas if they change their name….okay I won’t go that far.

  4. says

    Dear Daniel Snyder: Have your security department round up the four chuck-holes who are raising all this Hell and put them under arrest for ‘bearing false witness’ and ‘inciting a riot.’ Just plain lying for financial gain would be extortion would it not?–the ‘complainers’ probably aren’t even INJUNS.

    Ever been to Disneyland and gone to Tom Sawyer’s Island? They cannot even have the words “Injun Joe’s Cave: on the rocks any more. P.C. is out of control.
    Pathetic it really is.

    If you HAVE to change, make it something stupendous: like
    the Washington Jews or
    the Washington Athiests
    the Washington Senators (the finest government money can buy)
    the Washington Lesbo-nympho-albino-killer-whores.


    _____URP !! I just got done drinking beers with Mark “Sackchez” Sanchez (former Mexician-American JJJJets Quarterback and U.S.C. glass-boned prima donna !!

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