Washington governor attempted to console Peyton Manning

Washington state governor Jay Inslee said he felt back for Peyton Manning after the Broncos were blown out by the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII so he attempted to console him, but it backfired.

“He’s all alone. There was no entourage around him,” Inslee told a luncheon on Thursday, via The Seattle Times. “I wish I had a camera. It was like the picture of defeat — head down, slow. I felt bad for the guy.

“He gave it his all and he’s obviously a tremendous competitor, and I’ve lost a few in my life, too,” said Inslee, who was a starting quarterback in high school and often uses sports metaphors in his speeches. “So I just went up to him and introduced myself as the governor of the state of Washington and I shook his hand. And I said ‘I know this is a really tough game for you, but there will be others and hang in there’ because I kind of wanted to console him.

“He looked down at me like he was going to break me in half,” Inslee said. “It was sort of like ‘whatever, dude’ and he walked away. My therapy didn’t work too well.”