Washington D.C. women’s football team takes a shot at the Redskins

lflThe Legends Football League (formerly the Lingerie Footbaoo League) is planting a new team in Washington D.C.  The team name is the Washington Warriorettes, per the DC Sports Bog.

The Warriorettes took a shot at the Redskins in their press release.
The Warriorettes were originally slated to be named the ‘Redskinettes’, however following the controversy around the name ‘Redskins’ as well as the new information coming to surface with the 81-year old Associated Press article, the LFL has chosen to honor the wishes of many American Indians to not further promote the word ‘Redskin’ through sports.

“As an avid thirty-five year Washington Redskins fan, I understand that we as fans place the name Redskins in high-regard. However, when the name offends as many American Indians as it has, I believe it is the responsibility of ownership to act. We chose an empowering name like the Washington Warriorettes as to not offend such an important faction of people that were the origination of this great country”, said Mitchell Mortaza, Chairman of Washington Warriorettes.

The Warrioerettes were just having some fun since they actually couldn’t use the name Redskinettes.

Now, there are a number of amazing things about those two paragraphs, including the claim that the LFL was considering the name “Redskinettes,”a phrase that was trademarked by the Redskins in 1990. I mean, no, the Warriorettes were not originally slated to be named the Redskinettes. You might as well claim they were originally slated to be named the Washington Nationals. Or Nationalettes.

Mortaza — the founder and chairman of the league — acknowledged in a phone interview that the new team “obviously” could not have been called the “Redskinettes,” news release notwithstanding. But he said officials were considering names that more explicitly referred to Washington’s NFL team than does Warriorettes.

And while he acknowledged that this was a pretty swell way to get media coverage, he insisted his feelings about the issue are genuine.

“Look, this is a hot topic nationally,” he said, when I asked if this was all a gimmick. “That being said, we understand the symbolic value of going to the forefront of this. If the Redskins won’t stand up and do it, we’ll stand up and say ‘This is wrong, this is why it’s wrong, and this is what we’re going to do about it.’ ”