Washington D.C.’s first Wal-Mart is selling Cowboys gear (Photo)

skins-boysNow that Wal-Mart has opened it’s first store in out nation’s capital they’re stocking up on Cowboys gear.

It’s pretty amusing that Redskins fans will have to look at Cowboys apparel while shopping.

I know first hand from living in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area that there is a lot of Cowboys gear because of how strong their fan base is in this part of the country.


  • LT

    I lived in Northern Va, the land of the Redskins for years. Many of the Walmart’s stocked Cowboys gear. I loved being a Cowboys fan in the DC area.

    • Anonymous

      Girl shut the front door I am so glad to hear you say that. I am a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan since 1976. I recently visited their new stadium in Oct of this year when we played the Redskins it was a great game. I am glad that I can find Cowboys apparel at Walmart I hope I can find it at this one in Baltimore lol!

  • CeeCee

    I traveled to Dallas TX 10/13/13 to watch my BOYS beat some redSKIN tales! I went to the Walmart across the street from the BEST STADIUM in the NFL and truely was in AWWW of all that I saw in the Dallas Cowboys section. Much to my surpise on my way to work Monday I saw the new Walmart store located in NW. Eyes lite up like a xmas tree!! :*) (what took you so long :*))! I am glad now we (DC) fans can walk into a Walmart and not be freakin disappointed when there’s little to none DC apparel in the store ! You Redskins fan need to red….red.recognize what DC reallystands for….yeah that’s right Dallas Cowboys. WELCOME WALMART!

  • Yates

    I went to the Walmart on H st, N.W. and was disappointed to say the lease. They didn’t have much of nothing when it comes to the Cowboys gear. The buyers for Walmart should understand that their is a large customer base in Washington, DC for these items. I hope they will try to provide the best customer service for both teams to satisfy a need in the sports area of both teams.