Washington D.C. reporter promised he would quit if the Redskins signed DeSean Jackson

Talk about eating your words.

Redskins reporters Chris Russell of ESPN 980 in Washington D.C. promised last week that he would quit if the Skins signed DeSean Jackson.

Time to hand in those resignation papers.

“Here’s one thing I feel good about,” ESPN 980 Redskins reporter Chris Russell said last Friday afternoon, via the DC Sports Bog. “Listen, and I’ll say this on the radio. And [VP of Programming  Chuck] Sapienza might get mad at me, but I’ll quit if the Redskins sign DeSean Jackson, ok?”

Russell was clearly against the Redskins signing Jackson.

“To me, this is the last thing the Redskins – even though it would potentially hurt the Eagles and it could draw [Washington] closer to the top of the division – this is the LAST  thing the Redskins, in my opinion, should ever consider or need to take on,” Russell said. 

“Listen, I will say this,” Russell said. “I feel very confident in this, ok? Again, you will have to find somebody else to do this job. I’m done if DeSean Jackson is coming here. Done. Done like dinner.”

Russell had a feeling this wouldn’t work out well.

“This is not gonna work out pretty for me, is it?” he then said.

It looks like Russell doesn’t plan on keeping his word.  Below is an excerpt of what he posted on his blog last night.

I’ll have more thoughts on this in the morning, but the only way this is an acceptable deal in my eyes is if the contract is front-loaded to make Jackson happy and to minimize as much as possible the damage that is normally associated with mega deals after the lower cap value of a first year.

The other way is Jackson has to not gripe about his contract, not get in any trouble, not get benched or deactivated, not be a bad teammate and oh yeah, the Redskins need to win or at least make a Super Bowl to justify this kind of risk.

I know that is a lot, but I have top-shelf expectations if a player is going to come with this kind of risk. The Redskins are an organization that have chewed up a lot of free agents with a huge question mark hovering over them as they arrive.

Let me be clear about this. I am still opposed to this move, and nobody is going to convince me that this will work like a charm. It could work brilliantly for a year, but this is not a one-year trial or getting to know you period.

It’s ok to not agree with a move as a reporter, but it sounds like Russell let his fandom get the best of him when he threatened to quit if the Skins signed Jackson.


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