Warren Sapp on Sheldon Richardson: “He’s not that highly skilled of a pass rusher”

Hall of Fame defensive tackle Warren Sapp told Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News that he doesn’t believe Sheldon Richardson of the Jets is a very good pass rusher.

“The sack numbers do not always tell the true story. I agree with that,” Sapp said. “But he’s not that highly skilled of a pass rusher.”

Even though Richardson was the fifth rated pass rusher by Pro Football Focus, he’s not ready to give Richardson much credit.

“You said that. I didn’t,” Sapp said. “So if you’re highly skilled, you should be able to rush the passer, right? … Was he defensive player of the year in college? Was he an All-American? You’re comparing him to a first-ballot Hall of Famer?”

Sapp then asked what Richardson is good at.

“”What does he do well?”” Sapp asked.

“”Yeah. A run stuffer in a pass-first league,”” Sapp mocked.


  1. Anonymous says

    warren sapp ur not that skill as a person either,,, i don’t know why they don’t get rid of u….

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