Warren Sapp admits he didn’t tip because his waitress called him and his friends “boys”

warren sappNFL Hall of Famer Warren Sapp admitted to TMZ that he did in fact decide not to tip a waitress.

Warren Sapp admits he stiffed a waitress at a Florida sports bar yesterday … saying the reason he left her NO TIP was because she was terrible at her job. 

The waitress at Upper Deck Ale & Sports Grill in the Miami area struck first yesterday — posting a copy of Warren’s credit card receipt where he specifically wrote a big, fat ZERO in the tip spot. 

He also wrote a note, “Boys don’t tip.”

Now, Warren is DEFENDING his non-tipping action — saying the waitress kept calling Warren and his crew “boys”  — a term that pissed him off — so “the tip fit.”

Sapp also says he went to the bar to watch the U.S. in World Cup — but LEFT before it started because “it was horrible and the service was the worst.” 

I might also be that Sapp didn’t tip because he went bankrupt.