Warren Moon says Pete Carroll needs to stop having Russell Wilson play like a robot

Former Seattle Seahawks great Warren Moon believes that head coach Pete Carroll needs to stop having rookie quarterback Russell Wilson play like a robot to limit turnovers.

“He feels that he can do more and handle more than they’re giving him,” Moon told Doug Farrar of Shutdown Corner.

“You’ve got to remember — Pete’s a defensive coach, and he preaches, ‘Turnovers, and take care of the football.’ He tells his quarterback constantly, ‘Don’t turn the ball over.’ And you become … frigid about throwing the football, because you’re so worried about turning the ball over.

“Matt Hasselbeck complained about it when he was here, and Tarvaris Jackson was told that constantly last year. He played like a robot, and Russell is starting to do that. They’ve got to relax on that stuff.”

I agree with Moon, it’s time to take the training wheels off  Wilson.  I believe he’s mature enough to warrant more passing plays.


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