Warren Moon on Johnny Manziel: He needs to “temper down a bit”

Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana gave his thoughts on Johnny Manziel’s off the field activity and now it’s Warren Moon’s turn, who believes he needs to calm down.

“My biggest problem with him and it’s something he has to get used to and temper down a little bit, all guys are gonna go out and have a good time,” Moon told Alex Marvez and Pat Kirwan of SiriusXM NFL Radio, via ProFootballTalk.com.  “Quarterbacks, all different positions.  But you don’t want to make it as public.  You want to keep it more of a low profile when you are out having a good time.  He tends to make it more of a high profile thing when he’s out, so that just opens up all this speculation and criticism by everybody out here. . . . It gives everybody a chance to have an opinion upon him.  And a lot of that he brings upon himself by exposing everything that he does.”

Moon doesn’t care that Manziel parties, he just thinks he needs to stay out of the public eye.

“So he needs to be more low key about the things he does, and as long as he’s putting in the work off the field and on the field to become the best quarterback he can be, I have no problem with what he’s doing, except for the fact that he needs to keep more of a low profile,” Moon said.

Moon makes some great points, but the problem is in the year 2014 everyone has a camera in their pocket’s ready to go at any moment and anytime someone sees Manziel they’re going to take his picture and send it to TMZ.


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