Warren Moon believes Matt Flynn will be the Seahawks’ starter

AP Photo

On Friday, former Seattle Seahawks quarterback Warren Moon told NFL AM (via NFL.com) that he believes Matt Flynn will end up being the starter in Seattle this season.

“All these guys have the ability to play, but I think they brought in Matt Flynn to be their quarterback,” Moon said. “I think before it’s all said and done, he’s gonna be the guy that starts day one, but (head coach) Pete Carroll created this competition, and they’re going for it in training camp right now.”

Moon believes that it would be better for the Seahawks to make a decision on who their starter will be going into the season earlier rather than later.

“You hate to have a quarterback competition this late into the deal because your season is getting ready to start here in probably a little over a month,” said Moon. “And you want to have your quarterback solidified. Pete Carroll loves competition and the quarterback position, I don’t feel, should be one that you have competition at. You pick your guy, you go with him. If it doesn’t work, then you pick another guy. But right now, you’ve got three guys that are all pretty much the same.”

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