Warrant issued for Joe McKnight’s arrest

According to the New York Daily News,  another warrant has been issued for the arrest of former Jets running back Joe McKnight after he failed to appear in court.

Former Jets running back Joe McKnight has another warrant out for his arrest, according to the Hanover Municipal Court in New Jersey. The warrant is for failure to appear in court on Monday. The court appearance was the result of the last time he was arrested on an outstanding warrant, on July 30, when McKnight also received summonses for failing to signal while changing lanes and driving an uninsured vehicle. McKnight, 25, was released on August 26.

On July 30, which was a day off from Jets training camp, McKnight was pulled over in Hanover, N.J. for traffic violations when the police discovered two outstanding warrants for him for failure to pay traffic fines.

It seems like McKnight is trying to make it difficult for himself to get a job in the NFL again.

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