Waitress tells her side of incident with Warren Sapp, manager unhappy

6a00d83451b84f69e2014e8ab5bd66970dThe waitress, Corey D’Agata, 26,  who Warren Sapp ended up posting Warren Sapp’s receipt on Twitter after he decided not to tip her spoke out today and told radio host Andy Slater of 940 WINZ in Miami her side of the story.

“We were busy. I walked over to his table. It was him and one other guy and I just said, ‘hey boys, what can I get you to drink?’ and he stopped me right there,” D’agata told Slater. “He said, ‘we’re not boys, I’m a man.’ So then I called him ‘sugar’ and ‘honey.’ ”

D’agata claims her service wash;t bad even though thats what Sapp claims.

“His service was not horrible. My manager even came over and she put more ice in his bucket because it was very hot outside. So his service was not horrible. He never complained.”

The restaurant manager ended up speaking out as well today.

TMZ is reporting that the manager hasn’t decided whether he’s going to fire the waitress.

We spoke with the restaurant manager at the Upper Deck Ale and Sports Grill in Florida who tells us, “Regardless, famous or not [the bill] should never have been posted. It should not have happened.”

The manager says they are “going to have to deal” with the waitress who posted the bill — and told us she will be reprimanded for her actions.

When asked if the restaurant would be terminating the employee, the manager would not say.

The manager says the restaurant has been getting flooded with phone calls from people voicing their opinion — “it has been mostly negative.”

“People don’t want this to happen to them.”


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