Wade Phillips worried about Ed Reed

ed reed 2Houston Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips admitted that he’s worried about safety Ed Reed after recently undergoing hip surgery.

“Anytime a guy’s operated on, you’re concerned, especially at this time of year,” said Phillips. “If it’d have been right after the season, it’d have been different. So there’s a little concern, but the good thing about (Reed), he’s experienced it before. He’s an experienced guy. You have no problem with him studying or knowing what you’re doing. He’s going to spend all the time it takes off the field to get ready. So I think Ed’ll be ready when it’s time.”

There’s no doubt that since Reed can’t get on the field with his teammates, it will hurt him as he tries to familiarize himself with the Texans defense.  He can study the playbook all he wants, but he won’t have the on the field chemistry with the guys around him.


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