Wade Phillips believes he should be the Texans next head coach

Houston Texans interim head coach Wade Phillips believes he should be their next official head coach.

“I think I have something to give,” Phillips said, via the Houston Chronicle. “If you look at the record, I have a lot to offer as a head coach, but that’s for somebody else to decide.”

Even though Phillips wants the job, he doesn’t believe it would be fair to evaluate him based on their final three games against the Colts, Broncos and Titans.

“I don’t, because I’ve got a lot more to worry about than that,” he said.

While Phillips is a heck of a defensive coordinator, he doesn’t have what it takes to be a successful NFL head coach.



  • http://gravatar.com/sejackel Darren

    For Mr. Philips to become head coach on a regular basis, these last three games could probably make or break the stalemate. Mr. Philips is a great defensive coach and no one can argue that fact. His history has really proven what he has to offer. When the Texans win the last three games under his direction, then he would be in contention.
    As a Texan fan I have seen this team has not been right all year long. Maybe it was the signing of Ed Reed that put a damper on the morale. Or it could be just something that happened at the beginning of the year. All year long this team has been a eight cylinder engine firing on 6. The defense has been the best in the league. With all the injuries and the missed plays. The defense has been the greatest in the NFL. Something has to be said about a defense that only gets beat by less than 7 points by the best teams in the NFL. The offense is just not right something is off. The plays the players, timing, it is up to them to work it out.
    Go Texans. you guys are the best.