Von Miller plans on getting a jump start on the season

According to the Denver Post, Broncos linebacker Von Miller plans on reporting to the team facility in early July to work out and get a jump start on the upcoming season.  He expects a lot of his teammates to join him.

“It’s just a choice,” Miller said. “It’s all part of trying to be the best linebacker I can be and making plays for the defense. Everybody wants to win the Super Bowl, and I always think you should believe you can win (the Super Bowl), that’s just how I am. I’m always going to say I believe my team can win the Super Bowl. We know we definitely have a good team, we just have to go out there and show it every time we play.”

Miller is one of my favorite linebackers in the NFL to watch.  His explosiveness off the line is truly amazing.  Opposing offenses need to watch out, because he’s clearly focused going into the 2013 season.