Vince Young’s former financial advisor says he needed a $300,000 loan for a party

vince-young-sleep-at-classAccording to the Associated Press, Vince Young’s former financial advisor claims he acquired a seven-figure loan so his former client could give himself a $300,000 birthday party.

Ronnie Peoples of Raleigh, N.C., said under oath during a videotaped deposition last month he contacted New York-based Pro Player Funding LLC about the loan after being informed that Young had already paid for the party.

The deposition was taken as part of a proceeding in which the former University of Texas star is challenging the validity of a $1.7 million judgment against him. A transcript of the deposition was obtained by The Associated Press.

Young’s attorney says Peoples’ account is inaccurate.

This is not a surprise at all.  This is exactly why Young is back in college getting his degree.  He has to make a living somehow because he clearly can’t live off he money he made in the NFL, since it’s all gone.


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