Vince Young sues his former agent and financial advisor

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Buffalo Bills quarterback Vince Young filed a lawsuit against his former agent and financial advisor late Monday, claiming they misappropriated millions since he was drafted in 2006 by the  Tennessee Titans.

Young’s suit accuses his former agent Major Adams II, as well as financial adviser Ronnie T. Peoples with fraud, unjust enrichment, conversion, breach of fiduciary duty, usury and breach of contract, as well as other allegations.

The lawsuit claims that Young lost  $5.5 million while Peoples took care of his finances for the five seasons in the NFL.  He also allegedly lost $13 million in “counter-withdrawals,” “debit memos” and checks are “untraceable” with his accounts with Peoples.

Young’s lawyer, Trey Dolezal said they are trying to unravel everything in order to figure out  “what happened to a large sum of money that there’s no accounting for.”

“There has been at least some evidence that there has been some fraud and some forgeries using  [Young’s] name over the last several years that we believe that Major Adams and Ron Peoples are responsible for,” Dolezal said Monday night. “We have no idea how much money is missing.”

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