Vince Young starting to look good in practice

vince young

According to FOX Sports Wisconsin,  Packers quarterback Vince Young is starting to look pretty good in practice.

During an individual drill in which the quarterbacks faked a handoff and rolled out to throw a pass into the target netting, Young was on top of his game. Rolling to his left and throwing across his body, Young went 3 for 3 in the drill, successfully landing each of his passes into the small netted opening. He was by far the most accurate quarterback in that drill, even better than Aaron Rodgers.

In team drills, Young was throwing downfield with much more frequency than he had been. He connected with Myles White down the seam and later hit Matthew Mulligan for a touchdown.

Packers  head coach Mike McCarthy has seen a difference in young.

“Vince Young is clearly different today than he was this time last week,” McCarthy said. “He’s progressing. We’ve been able to spend some extra time with him. It’s been beneficial.”


  • Daniel Stillmunks

    GOOD for Vince!! I am so glad (really) that he got a second chance!! I had problems at one location (job) and felt like a screw up! I got transferred and not only did I go from part-time to full-time; I got a promotion to dept. manager = thanks Doug Douglas!!
    Seriously I am glad this man got a second chance. AMEN?!